Thursday, January 17, 2013

Piecing Nightmare!

Have you ever had a piecing nightmare?  A top that looks so simple to put together due to the number and size of the pieces, yet everything seems to go wrong?  Well, I just had one of those!!

This is what I designed in EQ7:

Looks easy enough, right?  Wrong!  And of course, the nightmare was all due to operator error!

First, the fish block.  Relatively quick and easy with freezer paper piecing.  But alas, I read the size wrong!  They were supposed to finish at 8", not 8.5".  So get the seam ripper out, and take apart the four blocks making them up, and resew.  Unfortunately, some of the fish tails got shortened a bit, but I decided to live with it--the baby won't notice!

Then the stripe print.  I needed about 4 more inches of material to get the size triangle I needed.  I could have looked for another fabric, but darn, I liked how this on looked with the others.  So, back to EQ, to see how a narrow strip of aqua would look on the two sides in order to bring it up to the correct size.
Okay, not bad, looks like sashing.

Get those four blocks together, and on to the corner setting triangles.  I double check the measurements needed on the top, then check the remaining fabric.  Just enough!  There was a 4 1/2" square cut out of one corner, but fortunately, the rest would work.

I cut the two squares, line up the ruler for the diagonal cut, double check, and woosh!  Now, is the ultimate nightmare!  I had forgotten that there were two squares of fabric I was working with.  Do you see where this is going????  Yes, I set the ruler for an opposing diagonal cut, and woosh! start to cut!  I get about 7" in, and realize I wasn't supposed to make this cut!  AAAHHHH!!!!!!! #*+^@&!!!!!

Now what????  The four blocks go on to the design wall, and I spend the next 2 hours figuring out what to do with the limited fabric I have.

 The blue could have added the extra amount needed, but unfortunately, it greyed the aqua.
 The decision was to cut the tips.  After trying to get the stipe ones bigger!!  Ugh!
Here's the resultant top:
 I'm sure the baby will never know it wasn't supposed to be like this.

Now, on to the fame--hope there are no nightmares there!

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