Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine Love

Time to remove all the 'snow' related items of January in my house, and move onto Valentine's Day!  Love all the cheery reds and pinks!

On Monday, I won our guild's raffle basket with the purchase of ONE ticket!  They always say, "It just takes one to win!"  I was so excited because this thing was loaded with fabric!  And who doesn't love fabric?
 The three lovely Valentine panels were also part of the winnings, and just perfect as I have wanted to do a heart wall hanging.

So, yesterday, I added some of the fabrics from the basket, and some from my stash to make a piano key border.  And today, got it quilted, mostly by following the lines already printed.  I could have gone hog wild and put in lots of fill, but I really didn't want it that dense.  Plus, I want this up on the wall before Valentines!!

Here's the result, with binding to be yet attached:

 Got to use my new Handi Versa Tool.  Still getting the hang of using it to control the foot in the little grooves.  Good practice though.

Tomorrow, I'll be announcing the next Book of the Month project--stay tuned!

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