Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rotation Changes Everything!

My Nickel Quilt is moving along!  Got the blocks sewn, now trying to figure out how to make it a bit larger.
But that's for another day!

What I want to talk about is how rotation can change the whole look of a quilt.  First of all, many scrap quilts are made with a neutral, ie beige, to go with all the scraps.  But for this one, I chose blue as my neutral, keeping it all one fabric.  

Putting the four square blocks and HSTs on the design wall to make the block, I stuck with blue in the neutral position to get this:
Looks predominately yellow, right?  And the blue recedes to the background.

But look what happens when I choose yellow to be in the neutral position, meaning the four-square blocks and HSTs each get rotated within the block:
Now it's a blue quilt!  Even though the quantity of blue and yellow has not changed, the rotation has caused the yellow to become less dominate.

Here they are in black and white, to show the value change:

Wish I had set up more of the 'blue' one, but I think it's pretty clear how the rotation of value changes the look of the quilt.

And the vote in the house was for the yellow version, though I like the blue.  Win some, lose some!

If you're making a scrap quilt, try a two color variation like I did.  Choose a color other than beige, and rotate those blocks for different variations.  You never know what might appear!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I like the blue one better also, but I guess I'm outvoted along with you. I like the idea of a "color" in the neutral spot. Might have to try that one. thanks


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