Friday, July 12, 2013

Sewing or Quilting? Which one?

Well, the Strips that Sizzle fun has fizzled over the past two days as my attention has gone elsewhere!  All the strips are as I left them, 
but with weights applied as my one cat loves to carry around pieces of fabric, thinking they are kittens!  What a nightmare if he got hold of these!!!

So my distraction has been to quilt Nickel 2, the one with the stars.
Got my plan laid out on vinyl, and of course, decide to change half of it!  But I think for the better.  And I'm trying a new product for drawing out quilting designs on vinyl, these Quilter's Film Marking Pencils. 
They draw smoothly, and wipe off easily with a terry towel (need some roughness).  They may be a bit harder to see on the vinyl, but I was looking for something other than dry erase markers.  The markers are great if you remove the marks soon after drawing.  But I tend to leave it on there for a couple days.  Consequently, my vinyl is getting a blue ink cast from the blue marker, and the cleaning solution is not clearing it.  So maybe this will work for those designs I want around longer.

Anyhoo, here's what Nickel 2 looks like
Love the 'stars' in the border! 
Here I've got the outside star points done, and just about ready to move into the center.  I'm using a light blue Glide thread allover, wanting to give the stars a 'shine'.  Hope it doesn't have the opposite effect of detracting.  If so, live and learn!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. was wondering when you mark on the vinyl, do you sew thru it? Seems it would be too thick...what gauge vinyl are you using?

  2. The vinyl is for testing out design ideas ONLY! If I wanted something to sew through, I would probably use Golden Threads paper. All the quilting is done freehand and with rulers.

    1. that makes did not mention it was for previewing, so I thought maybe it was a new the way it is a GREAT idea and will use it.


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