Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Left, Some Right

Finally have finished my second creation from the July Book of the Month selection (wow, was it really that long ago?).  Introducing Some Left, Some Right, measuring in at 44" x 60".
You may remember the first quilt, Pistachio Peppermint Swirl, (PPS).
Notice the predominance of dark red against lighter greens in Some Left, Some Right, and the mostly dark green trail against the vibrant background reds in PPS.  Of course, Some Left, Some Right was made with the leftover strips from the first project, but it's amazing what value and color do for a quilt.  The energy in Some Left, Some Right is mostly derived from the pattern, the alternating rows of geese.  But in PPS, it's both the pattern and background. 

I learned a lot making these quilts, and I highly recommend having Strips that Sizzle by Margaret J. Miller on your bookshelf.
Now, for all you aficionados of the quilting, here are some closeups.

Swirls, arcs, and echoing using a green Glide thread in the background, and point to point S curves with red Glide in the geese are used throughout.

Here's some closer pictures

So go and do something that's beyond your comfort zone.  You never know where it can lead you!

Happy Quilting!

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