Friday, November 8, 2013

Mom's Medallion--October Book of the Month

Hooray!  It's done!
This is Mom's Medallion quilt, because a) she gave me the red fabric, and b) she gets to snuggle under it!

The block is Winding Paths, templates provided by Judy Sisneros in her book Circle Pizzazz
The curves were really easy to sew, and the blocks went together nicely.  I hope to do another quilt from this book in the future.  Check out my Book of the Month post here.

Now, the red fabric originally had white flowers but they didn't stand out with the black and white. 

So I painted them with these water color crayons from Caran D'Ache, then heat set them for permanency.
Click on the picture to check them out on

This quilt is big, 57" x 75", at least for me!  And the fleece I chose for the back was not quite big enough, so a bit of piecing for the back was necessary.  I did buy extra yardage just for this purpose.

Since I needed 6 inches on the side, I cut two strips 6" wide, selvage to selvage, then pieced those to make one long strip.
To make sure it was going to stay together, I zigzagged a 1" strip of fabric over the joint, and then a straight stitch on either side.

Here's the finished back, front side and backside.
Now I know that the grain on that extra piece doesn't run the same as the rest, but it's such a small amount for the quilt (less than 4"), that I'm not concerned.  So if you find yourself a bit short, try this technique for adding on more.

And last but not least, the quilting.  Glide was used front and back, with red on back, black and white on front.  Tension was balanced fairly well, so very few pokies.  Yeah!
 The quilting is hard to see on the front, but the white area uses designs from a panto called Hyacinth, and the black is just lines at an angle.  Here's the back for a better look.
I've discovered that red just does not photograph well!!

Hope this has given you some design options, from the fabric to the quilting.

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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