Saturday, November 2, 2013

One Done and the November Book of the Month

The nine day piecing marathon is over, and now it's time to get them quilted.  Here's one of them, Big Sister.

This is for the Big Sister of the little guy I gave Teddy Bear Picnic to.  Given her reaction to his quilt, it was evident she needed her own!   Hope she enjoys this bright and cheery quilt, with a fleece backing.

This is the second quilt I've done using fleece for the back, and it turns out quite nice.  Here's a pic
Quilted with my favorite flower panto, Alfresco, and my favorite thread, Glide, in orange, top and bottom.

And on this one, I was really careful to have the quilting end at the edge of the piecing so that I could fold the fleece over to the front for a binding.  
And one more closeup

Also, it's time for a new Book of the Month selection.  Scanning my vast library of books, I came upon something a bit different for this month.  Ricky Tims and his Convergence Quilts get the honor.
Looking forward to playing a bit, and maybe putting a Modern twist to it!

Happy Quilting!

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