Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teddy Bears

Here's another finish from my piecing marathon.
This one I call Teddy Bears, and it's design is based on Judy Sisneros' 9-Patch Pizzazz, but modifications were in order as the fabric was limited to four pieces approximately 18"x 12".  Not a lot to work with, but I did find a coordinating red print to help out. 
The borders were rather impromptu, as I added one round, and the quilt still wasn't big enough.  Then round two.  Size good, but the borders a little odd, especially all the white in the bottom corner.  Unfortunately, no more fabric, even that star print, to change it.  Oh well, at least I used up the stash! Fortunately, the red binding helps out a bit.

As for the quilting, a panto was a good choice, given this quilt is busy.  No need for specialty custom quilting here!  And I found a cute teddy bear/star panto that works perfectly with the fabrics!  How lucky is that?

Isn't that adorable???  And gold Glide thread used top and bottom shows off the quilting without blending or really standing out.

And guess what?  I got the October Book of the Month Circle Pizzazz blocks sewn together!!!  So proud of myself! 
Now to figure out the quilt design...

Happy Quilting Everyone!


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  1. I really like the bear/star pantograph! The quilting makes the quilt!


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