Monday, January 20, 2014

Prepping for Road2CA

The last week has had me designing, learning new techniques (which I'll share in a later post), sewing, and celebrating my birthday!  What a FUN and BUSY week it has been!  Here's what I'm working on:
Yep, another baby quilt!

Ah, but this one has a purpose.  This week, I'm heading to the 
Road2CA show, which I'm really excited about!  Great quilts, great classes, lots of vendors--what more could I ask for?

Well, one class that I signed up for is a "Quilt It Yourself", where the student brings a top to quilt, using Innova longarm machines.  I am super excited about this, because over a year ago, I fell in love with the Innova machine.  So, this is my chance to give it a real test drive, on my own quilt.

Not wanting to do just a pantograph, or all free motion, I designed this quilt so that I could do both.  Wish I could do ruler work, but I don't think they'll allow that.  Have to do the SID as best I can!  Wish me luck!

As for the quilt top, it's turning out really cute!  Just deciding on what I want to put in between the letters and numbers.  My original design doesn't really work, so I'm testing out a few others. 

I'll probably go with the version on the right, as the left is just too boring.  The finish will be posted later. 

And for fun, I'm linking up with the 'Anything Goes Mondays' linky party at Stitch by Stitch today.  Be sure to check out her blog--she's got some beautiful quilts there!
stitch by stitch
Bye for now, as I've got to get sewing, then pack!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh, Susan, have a blast quilting your quilt!! I've had my Innova for 5 years and absolutely love it - it has spoiled me so much that I really stink at quilting on any other machine!!! Too bad there won't be time for you to use rulers...Innova moves so smoothly that it is a joy to use rulers when quilting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the quilting on this darling quilt. Please post pictures of the quilting, will you??


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