Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm a Featured Quilter!

Checking all my emails this morning, I found out that I was featured on the Linky Tuesday party Connie Kresin has at Freemotion by the River!
My scrap flowers,
were the highlight for last week's party.  Such an honor!
Thank you Connie!

I can't wait to get this quilted, but if you saw yesterday's post, you'll see I'm machine-less at the moment.  The waiting for the new one is the absolute worst.  And a show deadline is looming!  So hoping to enter this one. 

While looking for inspiration last week, I found this site called
There is an unbelievably long list of quilting blogs listed at this site!  It's easiest to start at the Home page to see the updated blogs, and there are a lot of them--almost 4000!!!  It's so awesome there are that many people out there blogging about quilting.  Gives me hope for the future of the craft.  Go check it out, as maybe there's some blogger there that's perfect for what you want to do.  Or just enjoy the eye candy!

Happy Quilting!

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