Friday, September 5, 2014

Scrappy Doo!

Scrappy Doo, my improvisational scrappy baby quilt is done!
And Winston kitty is trying so hard to be a good model!  This is a better picture of him than it is of the quilt, so here's a flat one.
Amazing how a few small (we're talking small!) pieces of fabric turned into a decent sized baby quilt.  I used up just about all of the light/med blues, yet the bag and bins are still stuffed.  Oh, well, a challenge for another day!

I wanted freehand quilting on this, so I chose swirl hook, a design I've had trouble wrapping my brain around. Angela Walters recently did a video on it, which helped quite a bit. After practice drawing it on several pieces of paper to get the flow of it, I put my skills to the test.

There are a few weird spots, but as Angela would say, it's quilted and done.

And waiting on the frame, is this one from a couple months ago, Diamond Chips.
I've been procrastinating all day, just not eager to jump in. Aside from the quilting challenge I've put on myself, the top is not my favorite, making it really difficult to start.  We all have those, right?  Okay, I've delayed long enough....

Happy Quilting!


  1. It is so difficult to start quilting, or to keep quilting, a quilt that you don't like! Personally, I like the Diamond Chips and I'm really looking forward to seeing how you quilt it!! Great job on the baby quilt! FYI, scraps breed while in tubs, boxes and bags!!

  2. Hey Susan!
    Are those the magnetic strips from Harbor Freight on your rail? How do you like them??

  3. I love that baby quilt. I've got lots of extra scraps laying around and those would be great for project linus. I LOVE the hook swirl. Can you post your drawing of it? I'd love to see a full sheet of how they look.


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