Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP plus Tips and Tricks

I've had two days of steady progress on my second Metro Rings medallion top, 
my own variation of the Metro Rings pattern and the Judy Niemeyer Bali Wedding Star, that I did last year for my nephew's wedding. 

I think Judy's star pattern may be paper pieced, but mine is figured out by marking lines on the cut pieces and sewing in the proper pieces.  Here, I've got pieces with the right angles ready to go.
Here, I'm sewing a star piece, matching up the fold with the marked line.
And here, re-trimming the curve, before cutting off the excess background fabric.
When sewing the blocks together, a lot of seams needed matching.  I used my technique of sewing just a few stitches at those seams, 
to check for alignment before sewing the entire seam.
This certainly eliminates a lot of ripping!

But if there is ripping, use that handy seam ripper!  Just make sure the red ball is in the seam with the right side of the fabrics facing up.
This prevents tears in the fabric, 
but sometimes it does happen.  So don't cry, it's repairable!

There are three options:  
1. replace the entire fabric piece, especially if it's a big tear.
2. tease the fibers close together and apply a small amount of fusible interfacing over the hole
or 3. do the same as #2 except fuse another small piece of fabric over the hole.

Just some more tricks to add to the tool box!

Happy Quilting!

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