Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Project Progress Report

This week has been busy, busy, busy, with everything taking twice as long as I think it should. Just like they say about construction projects, no matter the cost or time, double it! But I do have updates to report.

This morning, I made up the modern patchwork blocks for the Irish Chain quilt-along with Melissa Corry at

These blocks had a bit more sewing than the others, but they went together easily.  Ready for the next step!

Then off to work on my own Clover Irish Chain table runner, for which I'm offering the border pattern for free until March 17.  See this post for sewing and download instructions.

I had high hopes of getting it on the frame today for quilting, but it took all afternoon to make up the back. That's because I desperately want to use up all of those shamrock fabrics, even the little bits. So I set to work trimming off curved parts on a few pieces, then matched up pairs by size.

Just like putting a puzzle together, I kept matching up pairs, adding in a few more strips.

Then piecing the units together to make larger ones.

Randomly adding in large pieces that were left, I got the back made up to the proper size.

Now it has to wait until Friday for quilting, and I am so hoping to have this done by St. Patrick's Day. But tomorrow I'm off to Quilt Club to start Park Bench.  Oh, and did I mention I've also got 5 matching placemats to quilt?

The list goes on. Quilting designs for metro medallion are about complete, just mulling it over a bit more before I put needle to fabric. And four blocks are done for the Patchwork City quilt-along I'm doing with friends. Now, as for the circles and Santorini landscape, they're still sitting and waiting.

Let's see, what else? I made a nametag holder for the SVMQG meeting tomorrow.  We'll do a fun game to exchange them.
And I've made up a banner and poster promoting membership in SCVQA ( for our quilt show this weekend. I'll be there both days, signing up new members.

I think that's enough for now--gotta first cook dinner, then get back to work! Do you think I sleep?

Happy Quilting!


  1. It's like St Patrick's day already with all that scrummy green! Really like that border on your table runner. The two colour green is gorgeous!

  2. Your blocks look fantastic Susan!!! Great job getting them all pieced up. I am so glad it went quick for you ;) I just love your background!!!

  3. I love the printed white fabric in your Irish chain. Mary


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