Friday, May 15, 2015

Cell Phone Pouch

Do you run? Have no pockets to hold your cell phone? Then make a cell phone pouch!

I created this pouch for my phone in preparation for the Bay to Breakers this weekend. The outfit I run in doesn't have pockets, and I need a way to carry the phone to stay in contact with others in my group. It also means I can listen to music, taking my mind off the running part!

Totally designing this on the fly, I chose a couple of strips of my favorite color, pink, and checked their width against my phone. 

Four inches looks wide enough. Then to give this a bit of body, lightweight interfacing was fused to both pieces.

After wrapping a measuring tape around the phone, it appeared that 13 1/2" would be long enough to go around and provide a flap. The hot pink with dots is going on the outside, the darker pink is the lining. The pieces were cut to length and width, and with right sides together, 

one end was sewn,

then turned to the right side, and topstitched.

This part is now inside edge of the pouch, the other end becomes the flap. This pink is the lining.

For the straps,  I cut two 1 1/4" strips to a length to fit around my waist. Interfacing was fused to one strip, then one edge pressed in 1/2", and the other edge pressed over to make a 1/2" strap. The other strap was pressed the same way.

After determining that a 5" inch pouch depth would work,

I put pins in the straps where I wanted the pouch to be, and sewed one strap to the outside (hot pink) of the finished pouch edge, stopping 1/4" from each edge to allow for the side seam. 

This is when one side of velcro should be sewn to the finished pouch edge, just under the strap. I didn't, and had to wrestle sewing velcro in a small opening! Live and learn.

Continuing on, the other strap is lined up with this one, still keeping that 5" depth, and sewn onto the back (hot pink), stopping 1/4" from each side again for the seam allowance.

Keeping the stitched down straps lined up, the loose ends are pinned out of the way of the side seams, and come out the top.

The lining is folded up, matching the top of the front piece, still maintaining that 5" of finished edge folded inside.

Side seams are sewn, back stitching at the bottom,

and carefully turned inside out through the top, avoiding the pins. The straps are pinned together, and stitched along each edge.

And to make this extra special, a buttonhole was added in the flap to accommodate the ear bud jack.

Finally, the top of the flap was finished off by folding each edge to the inside and topstitching, and the other half of the velcro gets added to the inside of the flap.

And it's done! Now I'm just tying this around my waist, but I'm sure there are other connectors that could be used.

Keep in mind these are general instructions, geared toward an iPhone 5. Please be sure to measure your phone if you plan on making one!

Also, be sure to check out the Spangled Stars QAL - lots of great prizes to win!

Happy Quilting!
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  1. Lovely little finish! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF and good luck in your race!

  2. I really like the way you figured it out as you worked. That's my favorite way to make. Your phone pouch is really adorable.


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