Monday, January 25, 2016

My Road Experience

Wow! What a week! A few days enjoying the beautiful weather of San Diego, then the wonders of the Road 2 California quilt show! Too bad I had to come home to reality. It's taken me days to catch up, so that's why no posts from me!

So how was Road? Incredible and fun, as always! The quilts on display were just over the top - many, many hours spent on those labors of love. I didn't take any pictures, and spent my time instead just soaking them in.  
And the classes? Very good! I spent Tuesday with Jamie Wallen, and his Mystical Grids. What a great class, and a very down to earth guy. Enjoyed him very much! And I got to partner up with my friend Jeanie, whom I had met at Road two years ago, and is from the Bay Area. Somehow we always connect at quilt shows, both near and far!

While in Jamie's class, I purchased a ruler specific for applique,

the Mystical Mini. Looking forward to using it on my latest project,

a Valentine table runner. Giving you a sneak peek!

Wednesday was devoted to Kimberly Einmo's Lone Starburst, for which I used the jelly roll I had won last year because it was the only one I had! Here's the blocks, some finished, some not, laid out on the hotel bed.

I did have time in the evening while at Road to finish those blocks, but I still need to make the center four, which will be pieces from all the others. Just haven't had time since coming home to work any more on it, so the blocks are neatly stacked in order, waiting.

Thursday was another Kimberly Einmo class, Perfect Pinless Pinwheels. This class used her EZ Flying Geese Ruler to cut triangles from strips. Not my usual technique, but the ruler was easy to figure out, and even cut one of the dog ears off so that lining up was super easy! My blocks are almost done, and like the Lone Starburst, are nicely stacked up, waiting.

If you get a chance, take one of her classes, as she's a great teacher, and very approachable. If you can't get there in person, she has several classes on Craftsy.

And last, but not least, progress on Santorini.

The top picture is a day one paint progress picture, and the bottom is no paint at all. There is more that's been painted, and I still need to do the blue railing, the gate, the window bars, and the tree. Need some thicker paint for that. Next question - how do I quilt this??

So, overall, a busy, busy week, and lots of sewing left to do! This week is catch up!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Jamie and Kimberly-Wow! I have watched a lot of Jamie's YouTube videos and have got one of Kimberlys Craftsy classes. Your projects are looking good. I have just purchased Jamie's Mystical Mini ruler as well but haven't used it as yet.

  2. What an awesome trip! Classes, friends, and fabric...who could ask for more?


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