Friday, February 5, 2016

Split Complementary Work

The last couple of days have been devoted to mostly boring sewing, stitching up around 85 blocks from a small stack of nickels. Here's just two of the blocks,

made from purple nickels and other yardage in my stash.

This project accomplishes three goals: working on a color scheme for the Book of the Month selection, participating in the #purplesewingchallenge over at Sarah Goer Quilts, and using up those nickels.

Let's talk about the color scheme first. Looking through the nickels, Red-Violet was the predominant hue, with it's complimentary Chartreuse. I would have used that combo, except my stash was lacking enough Chartreuse for all of those nickels. Instead, I opted for a Split-Complimentary scheme, using the two hues next to Chartreuse, Yellow and Yellow-Green. These are represented on the card.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yardage in the stash of a darker value, so the block is a bit dull.

But I forged ahead, working until I ran out of green. Disappointed, I had only used half of the nickels. The quilt was too big for a baby but not big enough for a lap size, I hit the stash again.

This time, I moved one step out on the color wheel, choosing fabric that was Golden-Yellow and Spring Green.

Now this scheme is much better, and the nickels are all used up. The next step is to come up with an appropriate layout using both schemes. I'll start out with the first scheme in the center and the second on the edge, then vice versa. Or maybe something else!

Oh! And because I don't like to throw away tiny, usable bits of fabric, I stitched HST's at the same time. 

That's why the boring sewing. Now I have this:

Lots of trimming to do. I'll try out a new technique for that which The Inquiring Quilter blogged about last week. Hopefully, it will make the process faster! And with all of these HST's, I'm thinking of an HST challenge for next month. Anyone want to play?? But if you're looking for a fun purple challenge, go check it out at Sarah's.

Have a great weekend quilting!


  1. Leftover hsts are so much fun. I like the color combination of the purples.

  2. I'm up for hst challenge. First I would need to press them open and trim. them. LOL I use them as my leader/ender project if I don't have 2 projects going at a time. So, I end up with lots of different ones.
    I do have a long term project that seems to be taking forever because I don't seem to trim to the 2" size. LOL

  3. Look forward to seeing how you use these blocks in the end. HST - I have a load but I don't like trimming them so thanks for the link to the tutorial.


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