Friday, March 18, 2016

3 Fun Scrap Ideas

Got scraps? Come on, I know you all do! I've seen a ton of great scrap quilts lately, but they all seem to involve larger pieces than what I have. My scraps would be considered crumbs. Small, oddly shaped pieces.

Yep, I'm ashamed to admit this is my scrap storage technique. Large bags, a few bins, ziploc bags, whatever I can find to throw a small scrap into. Roscoe, who was so gracious to sit in the picture (i.e. he was curious and didn't want to move), provides the perfect perspective as to how full the bags are. I know I should get better about sorting, storing, and using these scraps, but when in the middle of a project, scraps are the last thing I'm thinking about.

It's really time to do something with them or move them along with the goal to not be in a landfill. I'm really adverse to throwing away small bits, as evidenced by the 2" HST's in my spiral project. That's 1 1/2" finished, BTW.

What's caused this sudden urge to purge? A couple blogs I visited this week had fantastic ideas for scraps.

I've been saying for months how I should do a Scrap Vortex quilt, which was a sew along at CrazyMomQuilts last year. 


While this is a great quilt, I'm not sure if my scraps could really pull it off. She's got a ton more variety than I have.

A take on this quilt, which I like very much, is from Kelly at MyQuiltInfatuation. It's randomly sewn scraps, but with a unifying background, making it easier on my eye.


And I also found this one, Rainbow Bites by Preeti at SewPreetiQuilts. This requires square pieces, which I'll have to really dig deep for. But definitely a beautiful quilt!


Inspired yet? I am. Just need the time to fit in a scrap bag dive!

Let me know if you find any others, as I would be happy to post more ideas for scrappy quilts!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love scrap quilts. Like scraps are just bits too. I love that zig zag idea.

  2. after my planned scrap bins got full - I um, resorted, to your scrap storage system too - I also like the idea at confessions of a fabric addict - her bow tie quilt.... The wheels are churning.....

  3. love scraps have a scrap vortex waiting to be quilted and plan to make another one soon

  4. Hey Susan, Thank you for including my quilt along with Amanda Jean's and Kelly's. I feel so important :-) Oh, those individual squares are just 2" each. You should have plenty of those.


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