Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On The Frame

Best intentions have gone out the window. Hoping to get the Book of the Month quilt, Breaking Up, quilted this weekend was just too lofty of a goal. But at least it's on the frame.

Part of the delay is contributed to the backing. I found a navy blue piece in my stash that, with some sewing, cutting, piecing, cutting, and sewing was made to fit. Did I take pictures of all of that? No. Long story short, it has white/navy nine patches that match the front, running in a strip down the center. 

The next delay was picking my son up at the SJ airport. Had to be at rush hour, AND when everyone was making their way to SAP Center for the Sharks Stanley Cup game. Exciting, but so bummed they lost.

And the best delay, hubby had surgery on a broken finger this morning, which consumed most of the day. Maybe I'll get a break from all those home projects.

But there is good news! Given that the inspiration fabric has peaches,

I have designed a pretty peach fill for the white areas.

Drawn out on vinyl with a dry erase marker, I then traced the design to netting, using a Sharpie marker.

I'll use this to transfer the design to the quilt with a blue washout marker, like I did in the Tulle Design Transfer tutorial. As for thread color, I'm going with a celery, as I think white is too boring.

Wish me luck in getting this started tomorrow!


  1. Love the quilting design, this is going to be so cute!

  2. Great quilting design and thanks for sharing the steps you take to transfer the design.

  3. Absolutely FABulous design!!!! It will m a k e this quilt!!! (....wish I could dream up things like this.....) (....can you feel my envy??) (...in the nicest possible manner, of course....)

  4. A top on the frame is worth two on the shelf? And thanks for sharing your process of transferring your designs. It had never occurred to me once I draw something up that I could transfer it somehow.

  5. Let me be another reader to thank you for sharing your transfer method. It's genius!! Now if I can just remember it when I need it . . .


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