Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pin It Button Fix

For all you Pinterest pinners out there, did anyone notice the Pin It button over pictures hasn't been working for the last month or so?

I typically use this button on my pictures to pin to my Pinterest boards at qwltfabrication. And a few weeks ago, I noticed the Pin button was gone. Gone where? I hadn't changed any code, or added anything. The button was just gone.

At first, I thought it was a browser issue. Cleared cookies, history, and shut down the computer, which usually solves any connection/computer issues I have. Nothing. Still no button.

Time for a search. Typing in all sorts of descriptions for the issue brought up very little on resolving it. Most results returned were how to install the button, way back in 2012. I needed current info, as this was a recent problem.

Thankfully, I found an updated button installation article, complete with code, at BloggerSentral. Turns out the scripts source link host got changed to Google Drive, without any notification, as per the article. And the site had the code for re-inserting, with the correct link to the host, and now my Pin It button is back! YEAH!

So if you've missed pinning any of my quilts over the last month or so, feel free to pin away! And sorry it's taken so long to figure out the problem, but I'm sure happy it's fixed.

Have a great day quilting!

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  1. this is so complicated see my button has gone but cannot not understand how to sort it no one has ever said it was not working so no doubt no one has wanted to pin any of my creations! Thanks for sharing will reread tomorrow and see if it means more then


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