Monday, June 20, 2016

Quilts at the Fair Part 1

A little confession here. I love entering quilts into the local fair. Big shows, not so much. Maybe because at the fair, I have a chance to win something. I'm being honest - everyone wants to win, and receive validation regarding their work. I'm just not willing to be the perfectionist that big shows require. I tend to just make quilts, and it's only after they're done that I think they may have some show potential - I don't set out from the beginning to make quilts for shows. 

This past year was no different. For entries, I had 45+ quilts to choose from. Yes, I was busy last year! At $2 per entry, why not enter as many as possible? Entering eight quilts in different classes in the quilt division, and two table runners in the sewing division, I thought only three of the ten entries had any potential to place. And being that entering was a last minute adventure, I didn't go overboard in blogging about them. There was a quiet mention on the Baby Tango post, about sleeves and labels, and that's it. 

Time has been so tight these last six weeks, that we didn't even get to the fair until the last day, yesterday. Upon entering the show, Jagged and Light at the End were the first two I saw, right at the entrance. 

Remember these two from my Think Outside the Box HST Challenge? Well, the judges certainly liked them! Jagged placed 2nd, along with a Judges Choice Award, while Light at the End placed 3rd, in the same category. Made my jaw drop to see both of them win, especially with the added special award!

For both quilts, the judges liked the color choices, saying that it set off the designs. They loved the quilting on Light at the End, and complemented my piecing in Jagged. Trust me, I didn't strive for perfection there - I'm sure some points are trimmed!

Continuing along the show wall, we came upon the Best of Show Winner. And what a stunner it was - peach and green, and just beautiful. Then my eyes fell upon my Heart to Heart table runner, hanging off to the side. What?! 1st place and Best in Show for the Sewing division! This time, I'm stunned, as this is completely unexpected.

I knocked the socks off the judge on this one! She loved the color combination, and the use of solids to set off the background quilting. Well, she knocked my socks off with Best in Show for Sewing!

We continued walking through the show, admiring other's quilts, and coming across my other entries. As I had originally thought it might, Patchwork Suburb placed, receiving 1st in the 'miniature quilt based on a larger pattern' category. 

The lighting in the building made it absolutely shine! And check out the look on my face - pure giddiness by this time. Judges comments were that the elements worked beautifully together, and they loved the piped binding, which by the way, is about an 1/8 inch wide.

And last entry for today, my favorite, the Patriotic Wave table runner.

Though only receiving an Honorable Mention, the judges loved the curve concept.

Tune in tomorrow for Quilts at the Fair Part 2, the finish to this fun story!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations and well done. Love the texture on the table runner.

  2. so pleased for you and so well deserved all those wins I think my favourite one is the patchwork suburb beautiful and you look so thrilled too

  3. Congratulations and well deserved. Understandably your smile grew and grew.

  4. Congratulations!!!! I love it that your face got happier and happier! And, I'm thrilled with you for all your wins. YAY!!!!

  5. Congratulations on your wins! All of your quilts are beautiful.

  6. Wonderful work. It was fun to find your Patchwork Suburb and remembering your blocks as you made them last year.

    1. Thanks Ann! If it wasn't for you, that quilt wouldn't have been made!

  7. Congratulations!!!! Beautiful work!

  8. I like your attitude Susan -- do your thing, and put it out there for others to enjoy! Obviously, "your thing" is working! The quilts are beautiful, congratulations on your awards.

  9. Oh, Susan, that is WONDERFUL!! I can just feel the excitement oozing out of you. And WELL deserved. That Heart to Heart is stunning! And what??? There is more?? Looking forward to it. :)

  10. Congratulations on the ribbons! It is always extra nice when the win is a surprise!

  11. Congratulations and well deserved!

  12. That is just so cool that you won all the ribbons. Of course, your quilts just shine, like the smile on your face. They are definitely winners!


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