Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quilts at the Fair Part 2

Today it's Part 2 of the fair story. In Part 1, we were surprised by the ribbons and special awards given to Jagged, Light at the End, Heart to Heart, and Patchwork Suburb, and we didn't think there could be much more. Up and down the rows we went, admiring some really beautiful quilts, and seeking out my other entries. Turning the corner, I looked up, and there was Spangled Stars, hanging high on the wall.

Spangled Stars

With a blue ribbon attached! I was really happy about this one, as it's one of my favorite red/white/blue quilts. The judges complimented my workmanship, the quilting enhancing the quilt, and the fortuitous patchwork print binding. If you recall, this quilt was the result of the quilt-along I hosted last year, and it's awesome to have my own design a prize winner. The free directions for this quilt are still available, as links toward the bottom of the page on the Welcome to the Spangled Stars Quilt-along post, if you're interested in making your own. 

For that quilt-along, I also made Lily Pond

Lily Pond
using the same pattern but in a different colorway. Judges loved the colors and workmanship, but the upper left corner was not square, probably due to washing and shrinking. I should have paid more attention and done some blocking, but really, I just wanted folks to see the quilt. But it's something to be aware of for future entries.

Now that my head is out of the clouds, it's back to finding three more quilts. Interlude and Simple Woven Version were next to each other midway down a row. We didn't take any pictures of them there, but here they are.


I was encouraged by the judges comments on Interlude, as they found the collection of xmas prints pleasing, with the layout inviting to explore the prints. With that, it received an Honorable Mention.

Simply Woven Version

The comment on Simply Woven Version is a bit odd, as the judge referred to a black background. ???

Now for a funny story. Hubby and I were admiring a fantastic confetti quilt that had deservedly won a special award, when we overheard a couple say, "Wow, that's a really wild quilt! Makes my head spin!" And which quilt do you think they were referring to??? Wild Cherry Limeade!

Wild Cherry Limeade

Were they embarrassed when I told them it was mine? A bit. But I quickly agreed with their assessment, as this is one wild quilt! Seemed like a great idea of hot pink, black, white, and lime green ric rac when it was a block. But the whole quilt - WILD! Then the dang thing gets Honorable Mention and Best Handguided Machine Quilting! We had a really hard time picking our jaws off the floor, as this was definitely not expected.

Of course, there were some items noted that I need to work on. Three things came up, which I've been made aware of in the past. My favorite, and the one that always goes through my head when quilting, 'stitch-in-the-ditch needs to be in the ditch'. Yep, know it, and work hard to do it, but sometimes, it just doesn't happen.

The other two comments are regarding binding. Because I machine stitch my bindings these days (no time for hand stitching any more), I need to work on 'binding stitching not being visible', which is a stitch-in-the-ditch issue. Ugh. And last but not least, 'corners should be square'. Sometimes, those corners end up being curved outwards a bit, due to all the fabric folds. I do trim, but sometimes that's not enough. But if those are the only things I need to worry about, that's not so bad.

Hubby and I left the 375+ quilt show totally stunned, with hubby saying that it was all about me this year. Yeah, maybe so, but I certainly didn't intend it that way. Just got lucky. Does it help to know Patchwork Suburb was rejected from QuiltCon? It might make it into PIQF, if I choose to enter it, but win anything? No, don't expect it. So I'll take these awards, and continue making quilts that please me.

My advice for you: quilt because it makes you happy.


  1. Congrats to you on your quilts. You know you'll be the talk of the local guilds. Good and bad, your the one to beat next year.

  2. so many wonderful creations and well deserved ribbons and praise, amazing how different quilts look in different fabrics, loving the wild one no to be fair loveig them all well done and how good they leave comments that does not happen so much here at quilt shows

  3. It did get better! I really like Wild Cherry Limeaid. Just highlights how you do need to be careful when making comments while at quilt shows.

  4. Your quilts inspire me - they are "comfortable" quilts - in other words, they are the type of quilt I think I could make, unlike the incredible quilts that take hundreds of hours of hand applique or other amazing skills. I will never make those!! But your quilts could be in my wheelhouse! Keep inspiring me! And congratulations on your awards - you obviously inspire others!

  5. Congrats! They are all lovely and deserving of ribbons!

  6. You go girl! So deserving....
    And I love the Star Spangled Quilt...must make it for my next QOV quilt!

  7. So much fun! I love your quilts!!!

  8. All these quilts are so much beautiful and totally in love with them. Thanks my friend for all details. We attended a quilt carnival at local Seattle convention center last month and had a brilliant time over there. Got to see amazing inspirational quilts.


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