Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book of the Month Start

Had a couple minutes in between July 4th activities to pull fabric for Licorice Medley

my pattern choice from the Book of the Month selection, Black & White, Bright & Bold.

The patterns in this book are all quite tempting, but when I saw Licorice Medley, bells went off in my head. This is a perfect pattern for precut 2 1/2" squares! While at QuiltCon, I had shamefully gone through the Moda Grunge Bar twice. Covetous, maybe. But at least I did it on separate days!

This bad behavior left me with a collection of at least thirty 2 1/2 squares. 

Add to it two mini charm packs from American Made Brand, and I should have around 75 squares to make a baby quilt. Yeah! The perfect use for these little guys!

And the black and white fabric pull has started, with leftover pieces from other projects and pieces I'd like to use up.

I'll probably pull some more once I get a few blocks made. But it's a good start!

How about you? Do you have 2 1/2" squares laying around? This is a great pattern for them. And you wouldn't have to use black and white either. Maybe you have green squares - try using red and white. Hmm, could make a stunning Christmas quilt. I'll have to look into doing that. Maybe you'll beat me to it!

Have a great day quilting!

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