Monday, February 27, 2017

Studio Update

An update today as to what's happening with my projects, as there are many!

On the to-do list are:
1) Quilting Perennial Pinwheels,

the pattern from the Book of the Month selection, I Love Color!

2) Make and stitch down labels for these four quilts,

as they are moving on to their forever homes. Teddy is staying though!

3) Continue progress on the RSC2017 aqua scraps. 
I decided to tackle the diamond pieces first, and have trimmed them to all the same size,

and will stitch together the remaining half diamond pieces (see the pile middle right, picture below)

to have plenty of blocks. You don't know how thrilled I will be to have these out of the scrap bin!

4) Also have another purple project in the works, one that's using up equilateral triangles.

5) As for the remaining scraps, I think I have decided on one, or maybe two blocks that can be used with all colors this year. That idea still exists in my head!

6) And continuing to work on blocks for the strawberry wall hanging.

Don't I wish I had more hours in the day! I'll post another update on Wednesday with Midweek Makers - until then, I'm hanging out the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign!

Happy Quilting everyone!

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