Friday, May 19, 2017

3 Tips for Making Strip Sets

I needed a long strip set for the back of my latest quilt, and want to share a few tips to make the process of sewing long strip sets quick and easy!

strip set group

Tip 1: Keep strips at 20" or less in length, for easier sewing. Strips can be cut to the final length then sewn, OR sewn the full 20" then cut to the needed length. In the picture below, I chose strips cut to a final length of 12".

stack of twelve inch strips

Tip 2:  Sew strips in pairs. It's easier to sew several groups together than to continually sew to one long strip. Keeping the strips in order, place approximately 12 to 16 strips near the sewing machine.

group of strips

Starting at the bottom (that's the left in the picture), flip the first strip onto the second, lining up the seam edges. Repeat with every other strip to create pairs of strips.

making strip pairs

With strip 1 on top, stitch the seam of the first strip pair. 

Tip 3: Chain stitch the all pairs. Neatly stack the pairs behind the machine, so as not to confuse which strip is on top.

chain stitching and stacking

Keep the pairs attached and stacked. The last pair sewn is on the left in the picture.

chain stitched strip pairs

Starting with that last pair, clip the joining thread, and press the seam. Place a marking pin in that strip pair to keep track of it's position in the entire strip set.

strip pair and chain stitched pairs

Clip the joining thread between pair 2 and 3. Open pair 2, placing the bottom strip on top of the first pair, aligning seams. Stitch together,

strip pairs one and two

then press both seams.

strips pairs sewn together

Continue adding strip pairs, building a group of strips. 

strip set group

Repeat all steps to finish enough groups for the long strip set, then stitch all groups together.

long strip set

In no time a long strip set is ready to go for the next project!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I take a picture on my phone of the arrangement because I'm not as organized! At least one set gets flipped, or if I'm just questioning myself, I can check!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I almost always need a little more fabric on the back.

  3. That looks great and will be fabulous on the quilt.


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