Book of the Month 2017

Each month I feature a book that has inspired me in my quilting journey. Feel free to follow along!

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                                               January & February
Starting the year with I Love Color! by Marcia Harmening.

     Finish 1, Sitka Rose  
     Progess on Perennial Pinwheels
     Finish 2, Perennial Pinwheels

Sitka Rose

Perennial Pinwheels

                                    March & April
Seeking landscape quilting direction with Lovely Landscape Quilts by Cathy Geier.

     Landscape Quilting Part 1
     Landscape Quilting Part 2
     Landscape Quilting Part 3
     Santorini Finished


                                     May & June
Working to reduce those scraps with inspiration from Tonya Alexander and her book Stash Lab - Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts.


  Pixie Sticks Progress
  Pixie Sticks Finished

Pixie Sticks quilt
                                                            Pixie Sticks

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