Friday, February 8, 2013

Scrapbuster-A Challenge

This is my Scrapbuster duck quilt:

I challenged myself to use up all the little bits and pieces leftover from other quilts.  And I'm talking bits and pieces--triangles, half square triangles, narrow strips, strips with one end cut at an angle, squares, and a small chunk of ducks.  

I didn't start with a plan (isn't that evident?), but just started sewing.  Hey, this triangle works with this strip with the angle, and viola! I've got 15 units of flying geese in long pink strips.  Sew those together in groups of 5, and there's three 'blocks'.

Sewed more triangles together (purple with the dots, purple with the ducks, and a few more ducks with pink).  The purple squares with the dot squares was already sewn together, and just so happened to fit with the flying geese.

A few, and I mean a few (3 or 4) cuts to just three fabrics, and somehow I got it to fit together!

If you study it, there is some repetition to the layout.  The top and bottom inner borders are the same, just flipped, as are the side borders.

And as for quilting, I digitized a duck and bubble panto for my Shirley Stitcher, using Glide's Cotton Candy pink.  LOVE that thread!

Overall, this was a great exercise, and I'm pleased I used up some of those pesky pieces!
Now on to the next one!


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