Monday, April 22, 2013

My First Ribbons!

My guild held their biennial quilt show this weekend, which is a non-judged show.  But the Oh My Stars Challenge Quilts were awarded ribbons based on votes received from the Guild members.  Here's my entry:

Ribbon catagories were:
*Best use of Theme
*Best use of Fabric 
*Best use of Embellishment
*Best Quilting
*Viewer Favorite

And I'm happy to announce that I won for Best use of Embellishment and Best use of Theme!  My first ribbons!

We were given the following four fabrics
and the following Challenge rules:
*Any shape not to exceed 80" of perimeter
*Must include 6 square inches each of the teal and white dot fabrics 
*Must include 4 square inches each of the black and green fabrics
*Can add up to 5 additional fabrics
*Must include a pieced star, and a minimum of 4 other stars either in the fabric, piecing, quilting, applique or other embellishment but not a charm
*Have a least one embellishment (no star charm)
*Can paint, stamp, dye etc any of the fabrics 

When I first saw the teal fabric, I immediately thought of the sea and starfish.  To satisfy the pieced star requirement, I put in a can of Rockstar, which unfortunately can be found at the bottom of the sea.  But white for sand was too harsh, so I painted it to better represent sand.

Then I had fun finding different yarns, one for the seaweed stems, and another for the purple coral.  The seaweed leaves have one edge turned over a flexible wire so that they would maintain their shape, then they were tacked onto the yarn.
The fish were cut from this small piece
 and appliqued on.

Finally, beads were stitched to the starfish, and several small shells were painstakingly sewn on with monofilament thread.  It wasn't until after the project was turned in that I learned I could have hot glued them to a shank button, then sewn that on.  Live and learn!
 This was really a lot of fun to do and I'm in for the next challenge!

Happy Quilting!


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  2. Pretty...You did a great job!


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