Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free Class Day and Exploring Pixelation

Today, May 18, my favorite learning platform, is offering Free Class Day!
If you have never tried a Craftsy class before, today is your chance!  There are 19 classes to choose from, valued up to $39.99, that are available to new Craftsy members.  And an added benefit is that if Craftsy gives away 10,000 classes, it will donate $5000 to DonorsChoose, which will fund art classes in public schools.  So, come on everyone, sign up, so there can be art for the next generation!

And of course, because this is a quilt blog, there are classes such as Art Quilt Backgrounds, Magic Jelly Roll Quilts, Art Quilting, and Civil War blocks on the list.

I also checked out the list of shows that are always free.  This morning I watched Pictures to Pixels.
This is a totally cool technique, and definitely not limited to just pixelated photos.  Caro Sheridan goes through the steps of choosing the photo, pixelating it, mapping it out into fabric, and calculating fabric.  But what I found fascinating was the mapping it out to make it sewable.  This could apply to any style of quilt that I design, not just pixel quilts.  Taking a bunch of pieces, organizing them into blocks, and managing them for construction is a valuable skill for any quilter!

So I played around with the pixelating feature in EQ7 and my Morning Glory picture from the January Book of the Month.
Just focusing on the flower, here's what I came up with:

 Not bad, but needs refinement for sewing!

Cool circular effect!

 Quite a lot of pixels!

And my favorite, maybe because the original picture was taken in Greece, where mosaic tiling if everywhere!  Hmmm, maybe I'll do this as a project for my Modern Quilt Guild.  Could be fun.

Hope that you're inspired today to take a class, and try something new!

Happy Quilting!

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