Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update Day!

Lots of things to update today.  First, more ribbons!
I entered seven quilts into our county fair, and four came away with ribbons.  Not bad for a first time entering quilts at this venue.  I was impressed with the competition, as there were over 365 quilts!

The winners were:

Morning Glories, 2nd place; Quilted Wall Hanging, Pieced
Stars of the Sea, 3rd place; Quilted Wall Hanging, Embellished
Ripple Effect, 3rd place; Small Pieced, Machine Quilted
Glorified Nine-Patch, Honorable Mention; Small Pieced, Machine Quilted
The judges were very nice in their comments, though there were some that made me go 'huh?'  But that's okay--it's all a learning experience for me!

In other news, I'm making progress on my hand applique project.  The main twelve blocks have all the pieces basted on, and ready to stitch down.  The other twelve blocks are in progress, but they will be faster as there's not as many flower petals on them.  Here's the blocks with basted petals and leaves:
Unfortunately, I'm not making much progress on the Book of the Month project.  I've gotten sidetracked by Instagram, and Facebook, as I am trying to build those pages.  But soon, you'll be able to follow me there too.  I'll also be launching a pattern page, as several of you are interested in patterns for some of these quilts I've shown you.  Stay tuned!

I hope that everyone finds time to quilt in their day, no matter how small.  I know I need it to keep me happy!

Go Quilt!


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