Monday, August 26, 2013

Pistachio Peppermint Swirl

Remember July's Book of the Month, Strips that Sizzle by Margaret J. Miller?  Well, my creation from that exercise is done!  Introducing Pistachio Peppermint Swirl
measuring in at 40" x 60".

Since there is so much going on in this quilt, I kept the quilting rather simple.  
S-curves with green Glide thread were quilted point to point in the green triangles, giving it a flowing uniformity.  I would have loved to do feathers here, but they just didn't fit with the mood or title of this quilt.
The red areas of peppermint where quilted with red Glide in a freehand swirl/point design that flowed into some green space, tying it all together.  Again, it fits the quilt.
I also pieced the binding to match whichever color was on the edge--red or green.  Have to admit I was a bit lazy here--I did straight seams versus angled ones to match the quilt.  Sometimes ya just want it done!!
But at least Toby approves!  (This is the only time I've seen him on a quilt--he's usually hiding.)

Now, of course I had lots of leftover strips.  So last week I diligently worked away sewing them up and the result is on the frame.
Quilting design will be similar to the other one, but as for a name???  Will keep you posted!

Happy Quilting!



  1. I love your piece, Susan. I am always attached to strip-set quilts, especially contained within color families. I can see your leftover will be making a great piece also. You are correct, fancy quilting is lost on this kind of design. But these are my favorite kind of designs. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, again. I so enjoy them.

  2. Okay, on closer inspection .... how'd you get the binding colors to line up with the top?!

  3. Way to go on the binding. I know that took a lot of planning. Nice job. :)


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