Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank goodness for paint!

Have you ever wished you had just a bit more of a certain fabric?  Have something close but it needs to be a bit darker or have another color?  Try painting it!

I wish I had some more of this fabric
as the value and the colors lent a great luminosity to my project.  And after a second search through the stash, there is no more to be found.  

But, I did find something close.
The value was about the same, but it was lacking distinct blue and green areas.  So I cut off 1/2 yard and started sponge painting with watered down Setacolor Transparent paint.
The result?  Pretty close.
The original piece is on the left, the painted on the right.  The painted lacks some of the dimension of the original, but when it's cut up, I'm sure it will give me the same effect.  And yeah! a few more fabrics out of the stash!!!

Now to get back to sewing!  
Happy Quilting


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  1. I never thought of trying to match commercial fabric. Great idea. Did it take much practice to get the right colors?


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