Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going for a Personal Record

See all those tops hanging on the frame?
There are currently five, one made each day over the last five days.  And I'm not done yet!

Got in the piecing mood on Saturday, determined to use up more of the nickels.  Added in a bit of yardage, and three tops for babies were created.  Still had a few nickels left, so pulled out some small pieces, cut some strips, and got one more top.  And of course, while looking for suitable blues, I found a few more pieces of fabric to use, which is today's project.

Yesterday, I took a break from blue and made the toddler quilt that's on the far right.  This one is for the big sister of the little boy who got Teddy Bear Picnic, so she can have her own quilt.

And the Book of the Month blocks are still just that, blocks.  See them sitting on the floor?  They've taken a back seat to my recent spat of creativity!  I'm going for a personal record for making a quilt top per day.  Currently at five, going for seven!

Speaking of creativity, I got an email from Brother the other day, showcasing their new Scan N Cut machine.
This really piqued my interest because it says it can scan, then cut any shape, even on fabric!  Now, I like to get as much bang for my buck, and this looks so much more useful than the die cutters currently on the market.  The ability to cut any shape without an extra purchase--awesome!  Could open up a whole new world of quilting.  Hmm, this just may go on the list to Santa!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. You're goofy!! Just remember all those tops have to be quilted too!! Looking forward to seeing THOSE results! Sue K

  2. I was interested in the Brother cutter until I watched the video about preparing the fabric for cutting. For me, it's too much work for too little result. I'll probably get a Go next year when I retire.

    Barbara in MD

  3. Yes you were in a piecing mood! those will make some great comfort quilts. whatever mood we're in, it's important to keep on quiltin.

  4. Marathon!!! It would be nice to know what the Brother Scan and Cut costs. I hunted all over the internet, but never could find a price!

    1. Amazon shows price of $399.

  5. Clicking on the picture or Scan n Cut (in bold) leads you to the Amazon link.


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