Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Think I'm Done-for now

My creative energies are spent, for piecing that is!  Four more baby size quilt tops are complete,
with one more in the works.
This one was started yesterday, but unfortunately did not get finished, so my streak is broken.  Yet, it's still a personal record for me, nine baby size tops in nine days!  Hopefully, now I can have a stash of tops built up for the 'welcome baby' gifts.

I'm glad this piecing frenzy is over, because it's hard to move around in my sewing room.  Most of my fabric bins are open for easier access to the fabric, and I can't wait to close them up and put them back under the frame.
Peace shall reign again in this room!

Bye for now, as the last top needs finishing, and those Book of the Month blocks still need sewing!

Happy Quilting!

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