Thursday, October 17, 2013

Modern Guy

Here's another attempt at a modern quilt
I'm calling this one Modern Guy, because it's very suitable for the man in my life!  And it's a nice size, 52" x 76".

This started as another project challenge from my Modern quilt group, which was 'make a nine patch with a dark center'.  Well, I pulled out some lovely fabrics, and of course, got carried away (I was really trying to use them up!).  Ran out of one of the lights and had to paint some fabric to substitute (see more about that here).  And as the blocks kept multiplying, I decided I couldn't give this one away.

So, hubby gets a new blanket to sleep under! But because he gets hot at night, he requested it have light weight fleece for the backing, no batting, and no heavy quilting.  

Now this is the first quilt I've done with fleece, and it went pretty well.  Had to keep the back looser than normal on the frame, and had some drag issues, but otherwise, it turned out pretty nice.
Just did a water-like meander, with diagonal lines in the dark squares.  Aqua colored Glide thread on top, and a Royal Blue on the bottom, and no tension problems!!  

And to keep down the bulk on the edges, I trimmed the fleece to half an inch of the top edge, folded it over, and stitched with a blanket stitch.
Since this turned out so well, I think I'll use fleece for the back on my current Book of the Month quilt.  All the blocks are done, just have to sew them together.  Hopefully tomorrow, as today PIQF opens!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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