Monday, October 14, 2013

The Best Thank You

This is the last of the three recent baby quilts,  Teddy Bear Picnic
 which started with the pre-printed center panel.  Now some may say that a it's cheating to put plain, unpieced borders on, but in this case, it works.  Plus, it shows off the quilting!

Cute freehand apples in the blue area, crosshatching in the yellow, and a leaf style feather border in the red.
Setting up the veins for the leaf feather and the spacing for the apples was easy--just used the circle rulers!

And for the crosshatching, the Handiquilter Versa Tool worked like a charm!
So many uses in just one ruler!

Then a little bit of outlining around the bears finished the quilting
I give a lot of baby quilts as gifts to my husbands' coworkers, and the mother absolutely loved this one.  Here's her thank you 

I really can't believe it's handmade, handmade, omg! Your wife is so sweet and she's a master of arts.  This is definitely the best ever gift I've got for my babies. In China there's a tradition that people collect some small pieces of cloth and sew them into a blanket for a baby.  We believe it carries the best wishes from people surrounding the baby and would bless the baby for life. This tradition has became a luxury in China because nowadays very few people could and would do handcraft work like this.  I'm thrilled and almost teared to receive it in the US.  I don't know how to express my thanks to you and your wife. I'll keep the blanket for my son and his babies and babies' babies...

This probably the nicest thank you I have ever received, and it's wonderful to know that this has really touched her.  Just another reason to keep quilting!

I hope that your quilting brings you joy today.



  1. What a wonderful thank-you note. As you said, it's so rewarding to know a gift from one's heart and hands is so appreciated.

  2. I have a Versatool but never thought of using it that way. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I think I would frame that thank you for my wall. Truly lovely thanks for sure.

  4. Great thank you note and well deserved from the looks we got of your quilting. I can't believe the apples are freehand, they are so uniform. Beautiful quilting making a humble quilt a masterpiece.


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