Sunday, January 26, 2014

Home from Road2CA

What can I say but awesome?!!!!

The top winners were beautiful, with Sharon Schamber taking Best of Show.  And Margaret Solomon Gunn of Quilts of Love, took home the next big prize, the Masterpiece Award.  Being a follower of her work, it was inspiring to see her quilts in person.  Truly amazing!

And of course, all the other winners were just as beautiful!  Wish I could show pictures, but I do not have the right, nor the permission.  But do check out the Road2CA winner site when they get the 2014 winners posted.

Classes.  I took three, and learned something in each one.  My favorite though, was with Angela Walters.  We were her test group for an upcoming Craftsy class she'll be filming in the spring, called Little Changes, Big Variety.  She's a great teacher, whether in person or on Craftsy!  Here we are at the end of class.

And my main reason for going to Road2CA was to test out the Innova quilting machine.  I had one class that used the machine, and then another in which we could quilt a top.  I took my creation (read about that here), and had a blast freehand quilting!
Isn't it sweet?  (By the way, I had just gotten the hang of the ribbon candy in Angela's class--thanks Angela!)  So, now I may make another in brights (for a boy), and quilt it on my current machine to see if it's just as easy (probably not).  And then more talks with the dealer, as this is a huge investment.

It was definitely a good trip, with lots of beautiful quilts, great classes, and stuff to buy (which I resisted!). If you get the chance, do try to attend one of their shows.  Next year it's January 22-25, so mark your calendars!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


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  1. That's some major awesomeness on that quilt!!! Angela is a fabulous teacher, you are so right!!! In person, craftsy, or her books...she is amazing!


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