Monday, February 10, 2014

Back from AQS Phoenix

I'm home from Phoenix, and ready to get back to a normal routine!  While seeing new places is fun, it's also exhausting.  Many times I've come home needing a vacation from my vacation!  But this one included quilting--what could be better?

This was my first attendance at an AQS show.  Phoenix was a bit smaller than Road2CA, but the convention center was new, and had lots of space and great lighting for all the beautiful quilts.  It was also nice to see local vendors, and not a lot of repeats from Road.

The classes were in a separate building, which cut down on some of the crowding.  All three of my classes with Judi Madsen were on HandiQuilter machines, typically two to a head.  We worked on quilting designs from her new book, Quilting Wide Open Spaces.
Here are my classroom pieces.

From Fantabulous Fillers
where I learned to put the extra small curl in the circles.  Sometimes I just have to be shown!

From the Simple Math Awesome Border class
Looks complicated but is really easy to do.  Full directions on stitching this are in her book.

And from Quilting Templates Intensified, these little pretties.
I forgot to outline around the butterfly, so his antennae got lost in the background fill!  But he's still pretty!
And here we are after Friday's class,
Judi Madsen and Me
with her beautiful quilts in the background!  

If you haven't looked at her book, do check it out.  Along with quilt patterns, all of the how-to's of these designs are there, which includes a CD for the butterfly and dragonfly templates.

Now I'm off to make up one of her quilt patterns!

Happy Quilting!



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  1. Your dragonfly and butterfly look awesome. I'm soooo jealous of you taking those classes. Wish I lived close enough that I could have been there too. Now I just need to open that book and READ it!!


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