Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic Distractions

Has everyone enjoyed watching the Olympics?  I have, but find myself focusing on the pieces of the beautiful patchwork banners everywhere!
Aren't these just gorgeous??

Whenever the camera comes upon one of these pieced beauties, I'm focused on it instead of the action!
For example, this ice skating shot.
This couple gave a great performance, but look at that background!  Love the different 'fabrics' and how the diamonds break up at the edge.  So pretty!

Here's a big display in orange
Awesome 'fabrics'!
And this beautiful purple board at the hockey rink.  Go USA!
I also love seeing it in the clothing.  Teams that need numbered jerseys have the patchwork on their bibs
and some even have patchwork in their clothing.
Just design with no color was enough to distract me, like the 'kiss and cry' area for the skaters
Isn't that a pretty background?  Oh, and congratulations to this gentleman that won the mens skate--most fitting.

After seeing so many awesome images of the patchwork, I'm feeling inspired to make my own.  But then again, it's also fun to make quilts in my head!  Or I could just order a T-shirt
but not sure how it would get here from Russia!
What about you, feel inspired?
To read more about the creation of these banners, and their relation to Russia, check out

 Happy Quilting!


  1. Like you, I have been captivated and distracted by these glorious patterns. See, a tee shirt would only cost about $60 USD....

  2. Well now, this looks to be your inspiration for our March meeting...something in one color.
    Actually, I hadn't really paid attention to the designs except for the US snowboarding jackets in low volume fabrics. Guess I need to pay more attention.

  3. Loving all the great quilt and quilting designs in the Olympics! On the Russian sledders uniforms they have a really cool scroll design on the shoulder area and the American speed skating uniforms have some interesting designs on the front of them! I agree, I'm looking at all the quilty possibilities that I miss the action!


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