Wednesday, May 14, 2014

She's All Moved In!

In just 3 hours yesterday, my almost empty sewing room was transformed by the addition of this, an Innova longarm!
She, being Tess, has moved in!  She's spent a long time on my wish list, and now she's here!  She's a big girl, and takes up a bit more floor space than my last setup, but she's worth the sacrifice.  I was a bit worried about storing all of my fabric bins under the frame, but with the extra width, they fit just fine.  Phew!

On to some construction photo's.  Here's the sturdy frame before the 3/4 inch thick melamine boards were put in for the panto table.
And here's after.  This surface would be great for cutting, with a mat of course!

Here's my wonderful dealer team of Jim and Nicky, from the Sew So Shop, installing the head.

This is a view of the 22" head from the other side
On the front is the Lightening Stitch display, and the dark square ring encircling the needle bar is the new LED/black light.  Awesome!  Lights the area so well!

After Jim and Nicky handed her over to me, I played with a bunch of small fills to test her out.  This area measures 10" x 9", to give you an idea how small it is. 

And my reaction while quilting?  That Lightening stitch is unbelievable!  What can I say, but OMG!  I was blown away by the sensitivity.  Tess is going to be an absolute joy to quilt with!

Okay, I guess you can tell I'm a happy owner! I'm off to go play some more!

Happy Quilting!



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