Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweatshirt Jacket

A couple weeks ago, Sherry Werum, of, came to speak at our guild.  The following day, she did a class on sweatshirt jackets.  I have always wanted to do one, and this was just what I needed to get me started.

And yesterday, I got it finished!
Forgive the lack of a smile and the marks from my swim goggles!  But I'm really pleased with how this turned out!

You may remember I started with a different fabric combination,
but neither my husband nor I liked the dull mottled fabric.  It was just too grey, and both of us said I wouldn't wear it.

So, hunting through the stash, I found this pretty fabric
along with a dark pink and dark green that played nice.
And I just had enough!  We're talking very small scrap pieces left.  Another one out of the stash!

After following the class instructions, I got it put together.  But it still felt like a big sweatshirt.  To alleviate some of that, I sewed the side seams like an hourglass, so that it fits closer to my body and adds a bit of shape.  I also took some tucks in at the shoulders, both front and back,
which gets rid of the football player shoulders, but I still have room to move.

The back looks like the front
and I considered some darts in the back.  For now, I'll leave it alone.

There's a bit of quilting, but not too much or it would make it too stiff.
I'm wearing it this morning, it's a perfect weight for our cool weather.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I must say, yours is the first sweatshirt jacket that I have liked! Love your fabric I'll have to think about making one!

  2. Great choices in fabrics and a wonderful job of fitting the jacket, too. It looks fabulous and comfortable, Susan! Well done!

  3. It appears you lined it. I have never seen a lined jacket. Did you have a pattern? The colors are lovely and you did a great job.


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