Friday, August 22, 2014

Diamond Table/Hutch Runner

The class sample table runner is quilted, bound, and resting on my hutch.  
Yes, hutch.  I've tried putting table runners on my OVAL table, and they just don't work.  So I made this one to fit the top of the hutch, and it adds some autumn sparkle to the room.

The quilting is composed of billowing lines,
with some maple leaves here and there.  Unfortunately, they're hard to see.
Oh well, win some, lose some!  Leaves in a wave are in the border.  And once again, pretty gold Glide thread was used throughout.

I've also made some progress on my Book of the Month project, Sunny Lanes from Nickel Quilts. (affiliate link) Wanting to use up the 2 1/2" strips first, I cut off 10" lengths and sewed them to background strips.

That way, I had a lot of four patch variety immediately. Then I did the nickel squares to make half square triangles, and popped everything up on the design wall.

Pretty, huh?  Here's one block:
I think I have enough to make a queen size quilt, but I think that may change.  Maybe a lap size, we'll see.

Okay, got to get back to it!  Have a great weekend and spend some time quilting!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feathers and Such

I promised I would explain how I did the feathers on Scraplicious Florabunda, and it's easier than you think!

First, the design.  Once again, I put my trusty clear vinyl sheet over the top, and used a dry erase marker to draw away.  I copied the curved frame onto paper so that I could use it as a template.

Then, using my longarm circle rulers, I redrew the curves to smooth them out and form the wave, and to figure out what size circles to use. For the sides, I'm using a 12" diameter circle, 
and for the top and bottom, it's a 10".
I only needed to do half of a side, and half of the bottom for my templates.  Once that's done, I cut them out.
Using the cutout and a fine point ceramic marker, I transferred the curve to my top, using the mitered corners and edge of the inner border as reference points. 
Using the ruler, I'm ready to stitch.
Not being happy with my original design to fill the frame, I kept drawing until this feather spray emerged.
Wanting the feathers to be consistent around the entire frame, I redrew it with a washable marker onto a transfer screen.  Then using a chalk marker (because it was the only thing that would mark through the screen), the feather design was transferred, flipping as necessary.

All I've got to do is follow the lines!  Beautiful symmetrical feathers.

This technique is not limited to longarm machines.  It can also be used for domestic quilting, as it has been for years.  Give it a try the next time you're looking for a consistency in your designs.

Happy Quilting!


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scraplicious Florabunda

It is done!  Introducing Scraplicious Florabunda!
The scrappy aqua blue flowers has turned out beautiful, and is definitely one I'm super proud of.  The random piecing evolved into a wonderful flower display, and the addition of the quilting makes me say WOW.  This will hang in a place of honor in my house for a long time.

Below are LOTS of detail pictures.  I hope the page doesn't take forever to load!  First up, the feather border, with scribbling to help define those feathers.
And my McTavishing with pebbles as the background fill.
Quilted in some leaves--every flower needs leaves!

And the just as beautiful back.

Two layers of batting and glide thread in bright neon green, navy blue, and yellow were used on this quilt.  The next post, I'll go over how I did those gorgeous feathers!

Until then, Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Today is just a teaser of an almost finished wall hanging.  Remember my scrap aqua flowers?  Well, they're off the frame and being blocked, still with binding and sleeve to go.  But it's sooo pretty, I can't wait to give some sneak peeks!
The green background has leaves and tiny McTavishing with pebbles.  And the border, oh the border!  
Makes me swoon!  Gorgeous feathers surrounded by scribbling and a scroll/piano key border.  Incredibly beautiful, if I say so myself!

Once it's all dry, I'll put the finishing touches on and tell you how I did that stunning border.

Have a great quilty day!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Metro Rings Medallion Revealed!

The wedding is over, and it is safe to reveal my Metro Rings Medallion!

Metro Medallion a version of the Metro Rings quilt pattern

This quilt was completed over two weeks ago, but I couldn't completely blog about it in case my sister-in-law saw it on Facebook.  I certainly didn't want to ruin the surprise for my nephew!  So, I thank all of you who provided the lovely comments on the few pictures I could show, and for being so patient in waiting for this moment.  I hope the following pictures don't disappoint.

Metro Medallion to celebrate a wedding

I designed this double wedding ring medallion in EQ7, adding the Judy Niemeyer inspired star in the center.  But not wanting to fuss with the wedding ring templates, I opted for the Quick Curve Ruler (this was just a reason to get my hands on one!).  Easy and fast!  Plus, the Metro Rings instructions were really well written.  

The color scheme was based on the bride's preference for purple, and the groom's for earth tones.  Their names and wedding date are embroidered in the center.

While visiting my mom in June, I was lucky to find almost all of the batiks at Bob's Variety, a little store in Sun City West, AZ, that happens to have a great fabric selection amongst a bunch of odds and ends.

The dark brown happens to have a purplish cast to it, and the light mocha is from my stash (which is NOT big in batiks!).  As for the background, it's a beautiful batik with a hint of blue and tan.  Boy, did I get lucky!

The edge of this quilt has a faux piped edge, which really gives the quilt a beautiful finish.  I've got a tutorial for piped binding so you can add to your quilt!

And what post wouldn't be complete without a discussion on the quilting??  I love Glide thread, and used it in a burnished gold color that was used throughout, even on the back.  Quilting was kept rather simple on the wedding rings themselves, just 1/4" outlining and circles (and no, my circles are not perfect. Got to work on that!).  Inside the rings is just a ladder, back and forth, and the main background is my McTavishing style.  Here's the back,

and back closeups.

Happy Quilting!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fred, the Fugitive!

Has anyone seen my rooster??  Fred has become a fugitive!

Fred the Fugitive chicken

He escaped from the frame coop yesterday, because someone didn't close up the hole in the chicken wire!!

Here's more information to identify him in case you see him.

He's got a beautiful orange crown on his head, 

Fred the Fugitive chicken's crown

green eyes, and a beautiful body of feathers.

Fred the Fugitive chicken's body

He also struts around showing off his fancy tail feathers, as he's the King of the Roost.

Fred the Fugitive chicken's tail feathers

I'm so upset that no one fixed the hole, and that he escaped!

opening in the chicken wire

So if you see this guy parading around your neighborhood, 

Fred the Fugitive Chicken

be sure to let me know.  Good luck catching him!  But you can have your own rooster from Ann Shaw.  She has numerous patterns to choose from at

Happy Quilting!

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