Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This baby should have been off the frame days ago.
But no, it's still there.  Instead, I've been huddled on the couch, becoming quite chummy with Mr. Kleenex, Mr. Tylenol, and Mr. Sudafed.  My husband had gone on an overseas business trip, and I'm sure I picked up something when I did his laundry.  And of course, he was fine.  Figures.

Anyway, hoping to get this done today.  It's ready to go with the panto design marked on it, just like the other side. Check out this post on how I transferred the design.

There are a couple local quilt shows over the next two weeks, and I've entered the following into one of them.  Click on the titles for the posts and more pictures.

Random Acts of Blue

 Trio Two

All are going to be judged, though I had second thoughts on Row by Row.  I already know the comments it will receive. But I've no plans to fix the errors!  And on a happy note, Trio Two and Scraplicious Florabunda are going to PIQF in October.  So, I need to get busy, and put labels and sleeves on a few of these quilts.

On an unhappy note, in writing this post, I've discovered that all of my last year's links to Flickr from my Quilt Gallery page are non-existent.  Now I need to spend a day reworking those pages.  Ugh.

Alright, time to get out of the chair, and go finish that quilt!
Have a great day quilting!

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