Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finally Posting!

It has been days since my last post, and frankly, I've become a frustrated quilter!  I desperately want to use up my old stash, so I can move on to acquiring a new stash to make really pretty quilts.  But life just keeps getting in the way, eating into my quilting time.  And it doesn't help that my mind won't focus for the little amount of time I do have to quilt.

So, with those constraints, I decided to continue with last month's Book of the Month for October, Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block.
I view these blocks as a good stash buster, and didn't want to give up on the book just because I didn't tackle it in September. It was hard to choose which pattern, but since I'm on a serious mission to use up my stash, I'm going with a scrappy look.  All of those fall fabrics that I won from the basket raffle
are going into this one, then I'll donate the quilt to the guild. (Cat may be included in that donation since he chomped into my arm this morning!)

I've got my strip pieces cut, 

now I just need to sew them randomly together, and cut the logs to build the woodpile blocks.  The next couple days are all I've got for that, as the following two weeks are super busy.  Here's the calendar:

Monday is a guild board meeting, and since becoming Membership Chair, I've spent a great deal of time learning the ropes.  I've still got stuff that needs addressing by the board.

Tuesday, I drop off Trio Two and Scraplicious Florabunda to PIQF, and teach a class on cutting and sewing diamonds. 

I think I get to breathe on Wednesday, then Thursday thru Sunday I'll be at PIQF helping out my Innova dealer, and attending to the guild's raffle table.  

And the next Monday is the guild meeting, which means more membership renewals to process, and Tuesday is a class with Rita Hutchens.  Phew!

By then, there's about a week left in October.  And it will be time for another Book of the Month.  So, here's to this month!

Have a great day quilting!  I hope to!

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  1. Goodness, Susan, you are one busy lady!!! You have a tiger by the tail...hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!!!!


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