Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ah, quilting

My quilting life has come to a slow creep, much to my chagrin.  The addition of my mom to the household has created new challenges, both good and bad.  But I have managed to finish quilting the September Book of the Month quilt, 
and am now applying the binding.  My frame is empty, 
but I do have a charity quilt waiting to go on.  Can you believe I still haven't removed the protective cover on the Lightening Stitch display?

Anyway, since I've not had large stretches of time or the focus to devote to quilting, I find myself in a purchasing mood. Definitely NOT good!  And with Black Friday upon us, it's an even worse temptation.

It started when Connecting Threads was having a 40% off of books sale this last week.  And there were a couple I wished I had gotten with my last order.  What did I do?  Ordered up to $50 to get free shipping!  And the box arrived today!
Now I'm debating whether to open it or not.  Do I wrap it up to surprise myself at Christmas, or do I break down to check that the order is correct?  I'm leaning toward the first one. Trust me, I don't get quilting surprises under the tree.

Then today, Mom and I headed to JoAnn's for the 50% off fabric.  Yep, I know some of it isn't the best quality, but I'm looking for prints to use in landscape quilts, which are not going to receive repeated washing.  Found these, on the left,
plus the cute turtle fabric for a baby quilt.  And that black and white one?  It's goes in the B+W stash.  And I can't let a 40% off coupon go to waste.  That was used on a quilt art book, but more on that later.

Now, what am I looking for on Black Friday?  Either a Silhouette Cameo (JoAnn's has a special deal on one, if they get them in!), or either a Sizzix or Accuquilt die cut machine. I'm leaning toward the Cameo, as it seems more versatile. Anyone have a preference?  Would love to hear the pros and cons!

What quilty thing are you looking for on Black Friday???


  1. I only have Accuquilt products and I have not tried others. I LOVE my Accuquilt GO! Baby and the dies that I have. You do need to replace the mats. The accuracy of the shapes is worth it. Perfect HST without trimming! I love to use it with the tiniest of scraps and use them all.

  2. I love my Accuquilt Studio. I love it for cutting strips for binding and quilts. I am just completing a King size quilt and still have to cut the strips for binding. Also , cut shapes (hexagons, cats, and clamshells) to make a couple of floor quilts.

    I can cut up to 8-10 layers of fabric or 4 layers of fabric with wonder under. It definitely saves a lot of time.

    Caryn S.

  3. JoAnn's sales are generally also online so if there is a deal, try there to get the discount before it expires. There might also be a low or free shipping coupon you could use. I have done that.
    This week I wandered into JoAnn's just for two items and got caught up in the 50% off Christmas wrap section....such a deal!

    1. I'm keeping tabs on JoAnn's and a couple other sites. And just this morning, hubby almost got caught up in the 50% off Christmas wrap too! I talked him out of it!

  4. Peal that plastic off, girl!!! LOL My husband will leave protective plastic on for ages and it makes me crazy!! Love lightning stitch!! Looks like you have an 18" like me or a 22" - love my Innova!


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