Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilt on the Frame!

Today, determined to get some quilting done, I decided to load the fall Book of the Month top onto the frame.  

I had my pseudo-pantograph all ready to go.  I'll call it that because it doesn't go edge-to-edge in a straight line, nor is it randomly placed.  But it is a continuous line.

Due to the size of this quilt, I had to bite the bullet and buy backing fabric.  Four yards of this pretty plaid,
cut into two 2 yard pieces sewn selvage to selvage wasn't going to be long enough.  So I inserted a 16" piece in the middle (the one on the left), that was from one of the fabrics used on the top.  Unfortunately, this created two seams, which means I now had to load the quilt top to bottom to avoid seam bulk around the roller.  I wanted to load it side to side so that I could stitch a continuous line through cream and leaf areas.  So much for that idea!

Now I'm stuck doing a section at a time, which requires starting and stopping.  And lots more time!
But there is some good to come out of this!  I jerry-rigged my laser pointer to the front of the machine
(haven't bought the front mount yet) so that I can follow the pattern from the front.  This is a technique I've always wanted to try, and so far, so good.  I just have to be very aware of where the pattern is to be placed.  But the quilting part, easy!
One pass is done, and hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow.  Sunday for sure--hubby won't be home!

And in case your wondering about the Sharpie marker and paint ordeal, I'm happy to report that it's all better now.  In desperation, I painted black over the Sharpie marks, then came back with primer.  
Added another coat of primer to the entire wall, and thankfully, all gone.  Now the room has blank walls ready quilts!

Have a wonderful weekend quilting!


  1. Love the quilting you're doing on this. Is this your own design? Beautiful.....and what's not to love about leaves and acorns? My 2 favorite things.

  2. what great colors for the quilt. Love how you are putting the pattern on there, very creative.


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