Thursday, February 4, 2016

My New Toy!

Yep, there's a new toy in the studio! Something to make my sewing and quilting a lot more enjoyable! No, it's not a new machine, nor is it some awesome quilting tool. 
It's this:

an incredibly small, no bigger than my hand, but powerful wireless speaker! How cool is that? This means I can now listen to music without earbuds. Woohoo!

This speaker, made by DKnight, is the MagicBox II Wireless Speaker that hubby found on Amazon. 

I wanted something that didn't take up a ton of space, had great output, was wireless, and most important, didn't break the bank, making this my first choice. 

Syncing my phone to it was easy, so now I can play my favorite tunes with incredibly beautiful sound. It's wonderful to have the room filled with music!

Yesterday, I used the app Overdrive to download an audio book and happily sewed while listening to the entire book. That's almost four hours - I don't think I could have withstood earbuds for that long. There are so many books I want to catch up on!

Am I a happy camper? You bet! Why did I wait so long???

Have a wonderful day quilting!


  1. Lovely new toy. I use my computer but do have to change the CD every so often. This gives me time to take a quick walk around the house and back to sewing.

  2. I have listened to audiobooks for years while sewing! That way I can combine two hobbies in one! I download my books for free through my library - makes very cost-effective entertainment, and more money to spend on fabric....


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