Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy National Quilting Day 2016!

Today, March 19, 2016, is National Quilting Day, and Worldwide Quilting Day! How exciting to have a day devoted to the art and love of quilting!

There are a ton of celebrations going this weekend, from parties at your local quilt shop, to online freebies and giveaways.

Some quilting fun that's caught my eye can be found at the Quilt Show, with a giveaway and free access to 220 videos, this weekend only! The videos are listed by artist, so if there's someone you've always wanted to see, check it out!

Over at Martingale, there are 24 quilting tutorials, with something for everyone.

My favorite quilt platform, Craftsy, is celebrating with 10+ free videos and a chance to win a mystery box worth $700 for you and a friend!

And of course, who wouldn't want a $100 gift certificate to the FatQuarterShop? Just leave a comment on their page as to what you love about quilting to enter.

Okay, that should keep us busy all weekend!

Happy Quilting!

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