Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Quietly Working Away

After a weekend of working on the house again, I've finally gotten a chance to get back into the sewing room. Thankfully, I had cleaned up after the last projects, making starting a new one a pleasure.

Today I'm working on finishing up these blocks, in 30's prints.

Following the pattern Tango,

from my May Book of the Month selection, 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts,

they're going together fast! I'm making a baby quilt size (hubby needs some for boys), and may have too many blocks. Just means I have more opportunity for another quilt design!

Also in the works, are labels and hanging sleeves for the fair entries, due next week.

Not my favorite part of quilting, but it must be done. Hmm, maybe I'll tackle it during the ball game tonight. But still, ugh.

Definitely not very exciting stuff going here at QuiltFabrication. Hope your day is better!


  1. Oh those sleeves...wish they could be glued on!

  2. shame we have to do housework instead of stitching, if like me the stitching area soon gets messed up again. Liking the quilt in progress and you certainly have a pile for the quilt show


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