Monday, July 11, 2016

Chugging Along

It's been days since I've been at the computer or the sewing machine, and boy, do I miss the routine! But I've got lots to tell you about.

First, progress has been made on the Licorice Medley quilt. 


The center squares got sewn together last Tuesday, when I could steal a few minutes to do so. 

Then they sat, until today. After cutting blacks and whites from scraps, then assembly line chain sewing everything together, there are now blocks!

Tomorrow, I'll consider the layout, and get this top finished up. Then to it's back to work on the Christmas runner/place mats for the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop that starts this Thursday. Thankfully, I have until the 25th.

Now why wasn't this finished up last week, you ask? Well, hubby was off work, and determined to make our house have a more modern floor plan by opening up a couple walls. And of course, we do this together, as we've done plenty of work to the house in the past. By Tuesday, it was enough with partying at the beach - time to get to work.

So what did we do? Opened up 9 feet of the wall between the dining room and living room, and expanded the opposing doorway. 


Here's a before picture of the doorway opening,


and as seen from the foyer.


Now it's about 3" taller, 10" wider, and moved down a smidge, due to the framing. Don't want the roof falling down! But now the height will match the 7' hall ceiling. Yeah!


I do wish I had taken a picture of that big wall beforehand but forgot. It is in a bunch of old pictures, but there's too much stuff going on in the room to make those pictures usable. So all I have is the in progress shot. And what's up with the cardboard and pink tape? Well, we were thinking we'd make a decorative post like this,


(plans available at, and the cardboard gives a guesstimate of space this will take up. And because of the necessary framing, it's going to be huge! So now rethinking what to do here, as there's no rush.

Do I like the openness? YES! The living spaces feel a lot more connected now, instead of compartmentalized. The major portion is done, now for finish work and to update the kitchen. Just where does quilting fit in?


  1. I love an open house plan, we did that years ago with part of ours except because of where I had to have the stove the wall is a half wall instead of to the floor but with a very, very wide door way

  2. liking the licorice quilt some lovely colours you have in it, how good to be able to do the jobs in the house even knocking down walls, I am worse than useless can change a light bulb but that is about all so there are lots and lots of repairs that need doing here but nobody to do them

  3. Oh how I would love to do this in my house, love it!

  4. I like those blocks with the color splashes in them.

    The open space looks so nice. Lots of work, but worth it in the end.


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