Friday, September 23, 2016

Who's Behind the Blog?

Going a bit off topic today, as this issue has bothered me for a few months now, and needs addressing. This is for all bloggers out there: please, put your name on your blog and sign your posts. 
Yes, put your name on it.

I have found a ton of new-to-me blogs and want to leave a comment or follow, but have no idea who's writing because there's no name to be found anywhere. Nothing at the end of the post, nothing on the 'about me' page.

Blogging has many aspects, not only to show our work, but to get to know others who share the same passions. There's nothing better than connecting with a fellow blogger who has had a similiar experience, who can help us through, or who is inspired by our work. 

But how is that relationship to develop if we don't even know the name of the fellow blogger? The blogging experience then becomes a loose get-together where people meet, exchange superficialties, and move on. Putting your name on your homepage, and signing your posts gives readers a chance to have conversations, to get to know you on a deeper level, and to develop a connection. Isn't that what we, as humans, need?

Consider this, an excerpt from

Human connection brings complex values to our lives: relationships give us a sense of belonging in the group, a sense of identity in contrast to others in that group, an almost therapeutic-support system, and reason not to feel lonely. We learn from others’ experiences and insight, and we learn together by pursuing new experiences alongside those we befriend. 

So please, put your name on your blog - the rewards are worth it.


  1. You make a really good point, Susan! It made me go and check my blog to see if my name is on it, which it is. But, I would love to have a signature like you have. Is there a place in blogger to do that? I'm going to have to research that today!

  2. Great post, Susan! So agree. :) In addition, an easy way to contact them. I have often wanted to ask a blogger a question and although their name is showing, there was no way to contact them via e-mail. Only the comments section. I don't always want to necessarily post my questions there.

  3. I have had the same peeve about some blogs. (There's no way you can miss what my name is and what I'm about.)
    Just thinking from the other side, though, one reason people don't put their names out there is a fear of "them" — the stalkers, trolls, identity thieves, and the judgemental acquaintances. I've had many very concerned people advise me to not share my name and picture so openly because, well, because… I tend to have an obstinate, contrary nature so I don't listen. But there are many who will listen to the voices of friends telling them to fear the internet, or asking, "What's so and so going to think if they read that?"
    I'd encourage anyone who wants to blog to be sure that they are willing to risk being vulnerable. Can they handle the criticism or deal with having less privacy? If not, don't blog. Or create an alternate personage that can face the big net.

  4. good point wonder how you do your name on yours it looks good

  5. Never thought about that before. Hmmm...makes you think. Thanks.

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! to this post. I feel exactly the same way. There was a blog I followed and had a name in the title so I just assumed it was the blogger's name, I felt kind of small when I figured out it wasn't their name and I had been calling them by that name. I created a signature very early on and try to always remember to add it at the end of my posts.

  7. Good point, I just went back to may posts (all five of them :D ) and signed it. Thanks,

  8. I'm guilty. I don't always sign my posts and my name isn't on my About Me page. I'll take this under advisement in the future. Well said.


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